Curious about Plans for Belmont High: Attend Meeting Tuesday Evening

The Belmont High School Building Committee is holding a community engagement meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday, Sept. 19) at 7PM at Chenery Auditorium. If you’re curious – plan on checking it out!

Belmont High School in 1972.

Belmont High School in 1972. The Committee that is plan the future of BHS is meeting Tuesday evening, September 19.

A note to Blogging Belmont’s readership: if you have kids in the public schools and or are a resident and tax payer who is curious about plans for the future of our aging Belmont High School, join the High School Building Committee tomorrow (Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00 PM) evening for a Community Engagement Meeting.

The meeting takes place Chenery Middle School Auditorium, 95 Washington Street in Belmont. The Committee’s agenda includes:

  • Updates on the High School Building Project
  • An Introduction of the Project Design Team
  • An update on District Enrollment and Grade Configuration
  • The Results of the Recent Education Visioning Workshops

There will also be an opportunity for questions and comments from the public.

Other upcoming meetings for the High School Building Committee are:

  • Friday, October 13th – 1:15 pm – Beech Street Center
  • Saturday, October 28th – 10:00 am –  Belmont High School
  • Wednesday, November 15th – 7:30 pm – Belmont Town Hall
  • Tuesday, December 12th – 7:00 pm – Belmont High School

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You can also sign up with the Town to receive notices of public meetings for the Committee here:

Selectmen to Accountability: Drop Dead!

Summary: Amid uproar over the town’s runaway Planning Board, the Board of Selectman passed over a seasoned planning professional and former planner for the City of Los Angeles to appoint a political insider with no professional planning background and reappoint the architect of the hated “Library in the Car Wash” proposal. So much for accountability in the Town of Homes!

In what will likely go down as one of the most nonsensical and egregious bits of political shenanigans in recent memory, Belmont’s Board of Selectmen have promoted reappointed the architect of the divisive and wrong-headed Library-in-the-Car-Wash proposal, Raffi Manjikian, as an Associate Member to a full member of the Planning Board while strengthening the hand of the runaway Board’s Chairwoman, Liz Allison: appointing a close ally, Steve Pinkerton, as a Associate Full Member of the Board.*

By a vote of 2-1, with members Paolillo and Williams voting for- and member Dash voting against, the Selectmen abrogated their responsibility to oversee and manage what many residents and businesspeople see as an inefficient, capricious and unaccountable appointed Board. Amidst loud calls for more planning experience on the town’s Planning Board, Belmont’s Board of Selectmen instead chose to pass over a seasoned urban planner and former City Planner for Los Angeles, Ed Sanderson, in favor of two men with no formal planning experience, but deep ties to Belmont’s political establishment and the Board itself. Simply put: this is Belmont “old boy” politics at its worst. We will all pay the price.

This Week: Two Ways to push for Accountability, Expertise on Planning Board

Summary: with two open slots on Planning Board, Belmont’s Selectmen have the chance to appoint a planning professional. Join me in writing to encourage them to appoint Ed Sanderson (email addresses provided at bottom of post). Also: a Planning Board meeting Tuesday evening Sept. 5th is another chance to measure the progress of the unloved Library-in-the-Carwash proposal.