We Saved The Farmers’ Market (For Now)

Public outcry over an effort by Locatelli properties to relocate the Belmont Farmers’ Market saved the day…for now. (Image courtesy of Jessie Bennett.)

Summary: Overwhelming public outcry sunk effort by Locatelli Properties to oust the Market from Belmont Center. But the battle’s probably not over.

Hello from the Other Side (of Election Day)

Tuesday morning at Winn Brook – it was an election to restore your faith in elections.

Summary: The right guy won in Belmont on Tuesday, Adam Dash: a better qualified and hopeful candidate with a vision. After the disaster last November, it was an election to restore your faith in elections, even as Belmont continues to struggle with low turnout in April. 

Over the top!!

Unofficial results have Adam Dash over the top in the Selectman’s race 3125 to 1808 – a huge victory in a race that saw (relatively) strong turn out. 

Elections Matter: A Guide to Belmont’s Election (Town Meeting)

Some thoughts on Town Meeting members worth supporting on Tuesday.

Summary: With local elections in Belmont tomorrow, remember to get out and vote! Here’s a list of some of the great Town Meeting candidates who are running for office around town. We have lots of competitive races (a good thing). I’ve broken it down by precinct…let me know if I’ve spaced it and have left off any progressive candidates who deserve support!!