Time to roll up your sleeves: Flu Clinic today!

Just a note to the B2 community that there’s a Flu Clinic today from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at the BHS Cafeteria, according to a notice posted on the town Web Site.  You’ve got to be 18 years old to go. Shots cost $3.00, but Medicare B patients can have it billed, according to the notice.

In other business, stay tuned this week for the first installment in B2’s “In the Mix” segment — where we profile town residents who are shaping the future of our community. First up in our In the Mix segment: Selectman Angelo Firenze.

Question of the day: what’s up with the sidewalk clearing plows that make the sidewalks you’ve already shoveled suddenly impassable? Has anyone else noticed this?

Will holiday shopping get blown away?

Winter hit the Town of Homes hard again on Sunday, with snow, sleet, wind and rain. In contrast to last Thursday’s storm, however, the cleanup was an orderly affair, with most Belmont residents, it seems, content to stay off the road and let the snow plows do their job.

The high winds did play havoc with downtown holiday decorations in Belmont, with at least one string of holiday lights lying in a heap on the ground as a result of the high winds. But with the bad weather expected to last all day, and a Patriots game keeping most of us glued to the tube, this Sunday might be a write off for Belmont’s downtown shops — with only one shopping weekend left in the holiday shopping season — and that’s not good.

According to Boston.com, the next 24 hours will bring more rain and colder temperatures, meaning that any snow that isn’t shoveled up might be with you ’till March. 😉 Get moving!

If you’ve got pictures of the ‘Noreaster from your neighborhood, send them along to paul@bloggingbelmont.com and I’ll post them to B2!

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Wellington Tour Stop 4: the mystery of the windowless classroom!

Our virtual, behind the scenes tour of Wellington School wraps up today with two videos. In the first, Karen and Bob Martin from BPS, take us down to the basement of Wellington to look at some more substandard classroom space, including a classroom that has no windows.

One note: this room is currently being used as an activity room, not a full time classroom. But, as Bob noted, space limitations in the school may mean that it is again used as a class in coming years. In addition to…umm…not having any sunlight, this room features a loud, noisy overhead heating and venting unit (Bob explains why). Karen and Bob also talked in rather harrowing detail about how the unit inadvertently pumps in exhaust fumes from cars idling outside during drop off and pick up times, then recycles that carbon monoxide tainted air throughout the lower level classrooms, and how the unit is so loud that teachers frequently shut if off so students can hear them.