Wellington Tour Stop 4: the mystery of the windowless classroom!

Our virtual, behind the scenes tour of Wellington School wraps up today with two videos. In the first, Karen and Bob Martin from BPS, take us down to the basement of Wellington to look at some more substandard classroom space, including a classroom that has no windows.

One note: this room is currently being used as an activity room, not a full time classroom. But, as Bob noted, space limitations in the school may mean that it is again used as a class in coming years. In addition to…umm…not having any sunlight, this room features a loud, noisy overhead heating and venting unit (Bob explains why). Karen and Bob also talked in rather harrowing detail about how the unit inadvertently pumps in exhaust fumes from cars idling outside during drop off and pick up times, then recycles that carbon monoxide tainted air throughout the lower level classrooms, and how the unit is so loud that teachers frequently shut if off so students can hear them.


It’s a winter wonderland! (And, no, that 75 Bus isn’t coming)

The snow’s coming down hard and Belmont has never looked prettier. Unfortunately, those folks unfortunate enough to go into work today are stuck in the one of the lower rings of Dante’s Hell, with reports of massive traffic snarls and no-show buses on the T. My advice: get home, warm up and try to put the commute out of your mind. You’re gonna need your energy for all the shoveling!

Here are some pix, circa 4:00pm from Cross St. It’s 4:45pm now, and I just saw the first plough go by in what’s sure to be a loooong night for the folks at the DPW.

Cross St. Dec. 13School bus crawling its way to Wynn BrookShot down Cross St.Darkness approachingShot up Cross St. towards Channing

Wellington Tour Stop 3: 23 students, two power outlets

We’re continuing our virtual tour of Wellington School today. In Part 3, Karen Parmett and Bob Martin, head of facilities for BPS, take us to a classroom in the “newer” wing of Wellington (which means that its only 45 years old). The class has only two power outlets, which means that teachers have to string extension cords across the room to run equipment like overhead projectors, etc.

Some folks have asked if BloggingBelmont is _just_ going to be about schools. The answer is absolutely “no,” but right now I’m working through some material from this week’s School Committee meeting and the Wellington “unedited” tour. My hope is that B2’s content reflects what’s on the community’s mind and that includes cost of living issues, commuting, traffic, parking, parenting, schools, commerce in town, the environment, important people in town — you name it. And actually, you naming it (in the form of an e-mail) would  help me understand what issues people are interested in hearing about.