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Austin’s Story: the Tragedy of Solitary Confinement in our State Prisons

On June 19th at a statehouse hearing on criminal justice bills, including solitary confinement bills, I gave a statement about the young man I visit in solitary confinement in the hope that my experience will reveal this barbaric practice for…

The Curious Optimism of a Disaffected Progressive

I am a fairly pessimistic person. And on this day, an American liberal can find much to be pessimistic about. And yet as I reflect on this election and what it means, I find myself feeling fairly hopeful.

Cambridge’s Rogers Wins Dem Primary In State Rep Race – Patch

Rogers won the Democratic primary and will face Tomi Olson and Jim Gammill in November. Candidate Dave Rogers of Cambridge turned a surprise upset in the Democratic primary to fill a vacant seat in the State Legislature vacated when Will…

Lougee, Griffiths Win For School Committee, Rojas On Top In Selectman’s Race By 32 Votes (Will There Be A Recount)?

As reported by the Belmont Patch:  the Selectman’s race turned into an unbelievably close race. After the ballots were counted, Planning Board member Andy Rojas came out on top  in the race to fill the seat of a retiring Angelo Firenze…

School Candidates Discuss Online Learning (Patch)

An interesting interview with the three School Committee candidates on online learning models like Khan Academy. Long and short: we’ve got one strong “Yes” one “Maybe” and one “I need to think about it.” First: the “maybe.” Candidate Anne Lougee…

Game on: Scharfman Picks Up Selectman Nomination Papers

School Committee member Dan Scharfman is the latest to pick up papers to run for a seat on the Board of Selectmen, following the decision by current member Angelo Firenze not to seek re-election. Scharfman is the third person to…

From the Patch: Why Will Won (Hint: Tip Was Right!)

So…hopefully you all know by now about Will’s victory in the Democratic Primary last night. If you’re hearing it for the first time now, I’d refer you to this write up in the Belmont Citizen Herald, or this one at…

One In Four Belmont Voters Declared “Inactive” (And I’m One Of ‘Em)

In which Paul discovers that, despite voting in almost every election for the past six years, he is an “Inactive Voter” in Belmont – one of about 4,000 in town (one in four registered voters), according to an updated list compiled by the Town Clerk.

Vote Will Brownsberger For Senate On Tuesday

I don’t think its any surprise that, of the four, Will garnered the endorsement of both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald – quite a feat, as the two are hardly kindred spirits editorially. Still, both papers focused on what I’ve found to be Will’s strongest trait as well: his pragmatism, strong ethical rudder and his refusal to adhere to political orthodoxy merely to win votes. That’s why Bloggingbelmont endorses Will Brownsberger for State Senate. Vote Tomorrow!!

The Override Playbook: Chill ‘Em then Kill ‘Em

There’s good reason to be very, very, very suspicious of the Board of Selectmen’s call to delay a vote on an override. In fact, the push to delay a vote on the override is part of a well worn strategy for sinking it, altogether.