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Two words Benjamin: ‘No Plastic’

Taiwan Announces Ban on All Plastic Bags, Straws, and Utensils “Plastic” May have been the one word of advice given to Dustin Hoffman’s wayward college graduate ‘Benjamin’ in The Graduate.’ But 50 years later you might be more prescient encouraging…

Belmont Leads Bay State in Electric Vehicle Adoption

Belmont has adopted more electric vehicles (54) than any other community in Massachusetts – just the latest evidence of the Town’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing our climate footprint, writes Marty Bitner of Belmont Drives Electric. 

Heat Advisory from BMLD

Hey all – if you haven’t noticed yet, its HOT out here in the Town of Homes. The Belmont Municipal Light Department (BMLD) is passing along the following heat advisory and encouraging all of us to try to take steps…

This week in crazy: students punished for riding bikes to school in Michigan

When you live in a compact, walkable town like Belmont, its easy to forget that many, many other communities across the country are what you might call “car bound.” They’re sprawling, decentralized, with poor access to critical services and lacking even the basic infrastructure, like sidewalks and bike lanes, to support citizens who choose to go car free. No surprise, also, that in these communities the collective memory of things like walking or biking places or riding the bus has disappeared, making those once normal activities seem foreign or downright dangerous. Thus, the news item that flashed across my computer screen today about high school seniors in Michigan being punished for riding their bikes to school. Crazy, no?

Belmont Citizens Forum bike path pamphlet stirs controversy

Suddenly a pamphlet promoting a bike path connection to Belmont Center is “controversial.” By the way, if you’re wondering if your town has a NIMBY problem, terms like “controversial” and “bike path” popping up in close proximity to one another in the town paper are a good sign that, in fact, you do!

Whiplash! Belmont backs Dems, Sales Tax and CPA

It was a case of political whiplash in Belmont on Tuesday. Just months after voters in town sent a “no new taxes” message to Town officials by narrowly defeated a Proposition 2 1/2 override they were back at the polls: resoundingly backing the State’s Democratic leadership, voting down a cut to the State sales tax and voting themselves a small property tax increase by agreeing to support the State’s Community Preservation Act.

Can Belmont be a lab for green innovation?

Now that the Board of Selectmen has endorsed (by a 2-1 vote) Sustainable Belmont’s proposal for a Climate Action Plan (CAP), the big question is: what next? An article in last week’s New York Times lays out some promising green energy programs that other suburbs are trying.

One Book, One Belmont: Wrapping up an exciting year

After another successful year, One Book One Belmont is wrapping up its season with a string of events through October 8, including a film screening, a day at Belmont’ Farmers’ Market with special guest chefs and another community reading of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, written by best-selling author Barbara Kingsolver and family.

One Book, One Belmont Fall Schedule

One Book One Belmont has a great schedule of events planned through October. In honor of Belmont’s 150th birthday and agricultural heritage, the OBOB selection is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver with husband Steven L. Hopp and daughter Camille Kingsolver.

Belmont Farmer’s Market tops competition

Boston Magazine selected Belmont’s Farmer’s Market as its Best of Boston winner.