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We Saved The Farmers’ Market (For Now)

Public outcry over an effort by Locatelli properties to relocate the Belmont Farmers’ Market saved the day…for now. (Image courtesy of Jessie Bennett.)

Summary: Overwhelming public outcry sunk effort by Locatelli Properties to oust the Market from Belmont Center. But the battle’s probably not over.

Update2: First They Came for the Farmers: Foodie’s landlord opposes Farmers’ Market

Locatelli is objecting to part of the Town’s municipal lot being given over to the Belmont Farmer’s Market, which has dutifully served the community from that location for 11 years. Apparently, Mr. Foley and his employer banked on public resources (a small number of spaces at the back of the Town’s municipal lot) being there to boost the prospects for his private tenant (and the private property owner) despite an 11 year history. If he made any assurances to Foodies about the Market not being there in 2017 and those spots being opened, he was bargaining with an asset he didn’t own or control – always a risky business.

Belmont Comprehensive Plan Kickoff Summit Thursday

There’s an important meeting Thursday, Sept. 10, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in the High School Cafeteria to kick off the next phase of implementing a new Comprehensive Plan for our town. The Comprehensive Plan will guide public investment in things like transportation, residential and commerical development and open space.

Belmont Farmer’s Market tops competition

Boston Magazine selected Belmont’s Farmer’s Market as its Best of Boston winner.