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Bill Proposes Way to Make Walmart Pay for its Multi-Billion Dollar Food Stamp Subsidy

  Summary: a bill proposed in the House would levy a fee on Wal-Mart and other employers whose low wages force full-time employees to tap public assistance to make ends meet. 

Sweet Summer Music: Payson Park Music Festival Kicks off June 21st!

In-brief: The Payson Park Music Festival kicks off its 27th season on June 21st with Craig and the Hurricane, generously sponsored by Emello & Pagani Realty and The Spirited Gourmet.

39m US households pay more for housing than they can afford

In-brief: One-third of U.S. households in 2015 were “cost burdened,” meaning they spend 30% or more of their incomes to cover housing costs. Of that group, nearly 19 million are paying more than 50% of their income to cover their housing…

Calling all Runners: Brendan’s Home Run this Sunday

Hey Blogging Belmont readers. Just a reminder that Brendan’s Home Run, Belmont’s longest running 5K race and walk happen this Sunday – Father’s Day – June 18, 2017. Online registration can be found here.  You can also register on Sunday…

Is America becoming a Developing Nation (again)?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting articles about what’s going on with the American middle class, of which I consider myself a member. There are lots these days – frankly: a worrying number. Consider this chestnut from last year, in…

Stand with Facts, Not Fear on Welcoming Town Resolution

The proposed Welcoming Town Resolution that Town Meeting will consider Monday is an opportunity for the town to stand by our police and our fellow Belmontonians. It reaffirms the importance of community policing in keeping all of us safe by strengthening the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the public.

Mark your Calendars: Community Path Meeting April 26th

We’re almost there! Belmont’s consultant on the Community Path will hold its 9th public meeting to discuss route options through Town, estimated costs and possible funding sources. Come out on Wed. April 26th at 7:00. CMS Auditorium.

Post Election Analysis: It’s the Turnout, Stupid!

Summary: Higher turnout correlated with larger margins for Adam Dash, the progressive candidate across Belmont last Tuesday. In fact almost all the differences in voting percentages for Dash and his opponent can be explained by voter participation, according to analysis…

Hello from the Other Side (of Election Day)

he right guy won in Belmont on Tuesday, Adam Dash: a better qualified and hopeful candidate with a vision. After the disaster last November, it was an election to restore your faith in elections, even as Belmont continues to struggle with low turnout in April.

Over the top!!

Unofficial results have Adam Dash over the top in the Selectman’s race 3125 to 1808 – a huge victory in a race that saw (relatively) strong turn out.