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Important Community Path Meeting This Wednesday, March 8!

There’s a meeting to discuss options for the contested Eastern End of the proposed Community Path tomorrow (Wed) at 7PM in the Town Hall Auditorium. Come out to support smart, safe, 21st century infrastructure in Belmont!

Police Chiefs Say Trump’s Law Enforcement Priorities Are Out of Step – The New York Times

An interesting article on push back to the promised Trump “tough on crime” policies. This is likely to hit home in Belmont as well, especially with a planned sanctuary community article at the upcoming April Town Meeting. Not surprisingly, President…

Happenings This Week and a Calendar for Progress Minded Folk

The Belmont Democratic Town Committee meets and two local Indivisible groups are merging (and meeting) next Saturday. Also: the new Progress Belmont calendar will pull together local happenings for progress minded folk.

How America Lost Faith in Expertise | Foreign Affairs

If you’ve found yourself growing frustrated at the “facts neutral” quality of debate about important public policies,  you’re not alone. Many of us share your frustration. While principled disagreement about policies is vital in a democracy, the debate in the…

Think Globally, Resist Locally: Support The Safe Communities Act

There’s lots to do locally to resist the Trump Administration’s many excesses. Item #1 on the list: supporting Sen. Brownsberger and those who are trying to pass SD 1596, a law to prohibit Massachusetts officers and law enforcement from cooperating with mass deportations.

Safety must come first on the Community Path

A proposed on-road route along Concord Ave. that is being rated highly as a choice for Belmont’s Community Path would pose serious safety concerns to Path users and runs counter to the community’s wishes. A December 7 meeting with engineers is your chance to speak out.

Two Things: Library Feasibility Public Meeting Tonight and a Survey

There’s a meeting tonight at Beech Street Center for the public to weigh in on plans for a new or renovated Library. Also: there’s a survey to take and provide feedback on your priorities for the new library.

Reminder: Community Path Meeting Tonight (WED) at Chenery

There’s a meeting to discuss the eastern end of the proposed Belmont Community Path this evening (Wed Nov 16) at 7 PM at Chenery Middle School Auditorium. Come show your support for a gorgeous Belmont Community Path!

The Democratic Party’s Rothko Problem

Amid all the hand wringing and finger pointing within the Democratic party in the last week – and there has been a lot of it – one clear and indisputable truth has emerged: the Party has to change, and in a big…

Belmont Drives Electric Informational Event Tomorrow: Test Drive an EV!

A note to the Blogging Belmont community: there’s a Belmont Drives Electric event tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 12. You can test drive electric vehicles between 1:30 and 4:30 PM by the Belmont High Cafeteria and in the BHS parking lot. Here’s…