Happenings This Week and a Calendar for Progress Minded Folk

A shout out to my Blogging Belmont readership about a couple of events that are happening this week that you might want to put on your calendar and a note that I’ve created a Progress Belmont calendar which is designed to pull some of the happenings around town into a single place. You can view it on Blogging Belmont here or on Google Calendars here.

  • Thursday, March 2 at 6:30: there will be a meeting of the Belmont Democratic Town Committee at Belmont Town Hall. I’ve been to a number of meetings for progressives and other “resistance cells” in recent weeks and I always make a point of mentioning your local chapter of the Democratic Party as a great place to start if you want to get more involved in changing your community, state, country (and the party itself). This is definitely true in Belmont, where we have an active and engaged Town Committee that is working on excellent projects. Fashioning yourself as a member of “the resistance” is great, but the fact is that there’s already a healthy and national organization set up to further your agenda – it’s called the Democratic Party. Get involved! If you’re not a member, bring a checkbook and join up for a modest fee. Same if you are a member but haven’t paid your 2017 dues!
  • Saturday, March 4, from 2:00 to 4:00pm: There will be an Indivisible MA District 5 meeting at the Fox Library branch at 175 Mass Ave in Arlington. If you haven’t checked out Indivisible yet, you should. Their battle plan for fighting the Trump Administration and Republicans’ agenda went viral in the days after the November election, and the group has now gone national. This Saturday, two local MA chapters of Indivisible – District 5 Indivisible and Boston Metro Indivisible – are joining forces and holding a meeting to bring folks together. This meeting will include a brief overview of the group, its goals, and upcoming plans. Attendees will then split into groups based on different interests, among them: coordination with Rep. Katherine Clark’s office, Support for Indivisible groups in red and purple districts, and engagement on issues like immigration, ACA, and Russia.
  • Wednesday, March 8, 7:00pm. Closer to home: a note that next week there will be a meeting on the Belmont Community Path Feasibility Study Public Meeting. This meeting will be focused on the contentious eastern end of the path, stretching from Belmont Center to Brighton St. This will take place at Town Hall.

Put these all on your calendar! I hope to see you out. And keep fighting the good fight.