Walking Tour Of Community Path: Eastern End Saturday

The walking tour on Saturday will explore the eastern end of the Community Path, including the track-side routes and possible routes along Concord Ave.

The walking tour on Saturday will explore the eastern end of the Community Path, including the track-side routes and possible routes along Concord Ave.

Hey Blogging Belmont readers! Just a note that The Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee is hosting Feasibility Study Trail Walks led by the Community Path Consultant. The second of these walks is tomorrow, Saturday, October 29 at 12:00 PM.

This is the second planned walk, following the tour of the Western end of the path on October 15.  The entire community is being invited to attend and take part. Just show up to the Belmont High School Parking Lot before noon and bring some walking shoes.

There’s also a good bit of information, including a copy of the presentation from the Sept. 21 kick off meeting (PDF) and a schedule of the public meetings on the Community Path between now and late February (PDF).

According to information provided by the Town, the schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

  1. Meet at High School Parking Lot (S) – 12:00
  2. Walk to Belmont Center Station (1) – 12:00 to 12:30
  3. Convene at Belmont Center – 12:30 to 1:00
  4. Walk along Concord to High School (2) – 1:00 to 1:30
  5. Carpool to Channing/Alexander (3) – 1:30 to 1:35
  6. Convene at Alexander – 1:35 to 2:05
  7. Carpool to High School (4) – 2:05 to 2:10
  8. Convene at High School – 2:10 to 2:30
  9. Optional Walk/Bike to Alewife – Meet at cutoff path (5) at 2:45 (approx. duration 45 min.)

That’s an odd route, but the public isn’t allowed to walk along the tracks because you need safety training first to do so, so this section kind of jumps around to various observation points to discuss various options.

I took part in the walk of the Western end of the path two weeks ago and found it really rewarding and instructive. I strongly encourage you to take part in the tour tomorrow.


Also note: there are two more Feasibility Study Public Meetings to discuss the Path with the Town’s Community Path consultant to discuss alternatives for the Community Path. Meetings will begin at 7:00PM and project materials will be available for review prior to the meeting.

A discussion of the Western End was October 26th covering Beaver Brook Reservation to the eastern end of the DPW property.
On Wednesday, November 2, there’s a discussion of the Central section, from the Eastern end of the DPW property to Alexander Avenue. This is actually the most complex part of the Community Path, so this would be a good one to attend. That will take place at the Art Gallery, Homer Municipal Building, 19 Moore Street.

Finally, on Wednesday, November 9, there will be a discussion of the Eastern End of the path from the Belmont Center Railroad Bridge to Brighton Street. That will take place in the Belmont High School Auditorium, 221 Concord Avenue

According to information from the Community Path Implementation and Advisory Committee the purpose of these meetings will be to “present the consultant’s conceptual design for the alternatives carried forward from the CPAC, as well as potential alternates, for each segment discussed at the meeting.”

All views and comments made at the meeting will be reviewed and considered to the maximum extent possible.