Mark your Calendars: Community Path Meeting April 26th

The Commuter Rail line looking west from Waverley Station. There will be a discussion of the Belmont Community Path next Wed. April 26th. Don’t miss it!

Summary: We’re almost there! Belmont’s consultant on the Community Path will hold its 9th public meeting to discuss route options through Town, estimated costs and possible funding sources. Come out on Wed. April 26th at 7:00. CMS Auditorium. 

Post Election Analysis: It’s the Turnout, Stupid!

Dash’s victory in last Tuesday’s election was driven by higher turnout, an analysis of election data shows. (Photo courtesy of Jeanne Mooney.)

Summary: Higher turnout correlated with larger margins for Adam Dash, the progressive candidate across Belmont last Tuesday. In fact almost all the differences in voting percentages for Dash and his opponent can be explained by voter participation, according to analysis by Belmont’s Nate Silver (aka Claus Becker). The implications for future elections in Belmont (and the Bay State?) are huge. 

We Saved The Farmers’ Market (For Now)

Public outcry over an effort by Locatelli properties to relocate the Belmont Farmers’ Market saved the day…for now. (Image courtesy of Jessie Bennett.)

Summary: Overwhelming public outcry sunk effort by Locatelli Properties to oust the Market from Belmont Center. But the battle’s probably not over.

Hello from the Other Side (of Election Day)

Tuesday morning at Winn Brook – it was an election to restore your faith in elections.

Summary: The right guy won in Belmont on Tuesday, Adam Dash: a better qualified and hopeful candidate with a vision. After the disaster last November, it was an election to restore your faith in elections, even as Belmont continues to struggle with low turnout in April.